Case A Grid at Aalto University Campus: Co-creating a Community Book at A Grid in Spaces We Share

In the ‘Resourceful Sharing’ (JAVIST) project, sharing is employed to co-develop current teaching and innovation spaces with key stakeholders. A Grid, home to approximately 150 entrepreneurs or startups at Aalto University Campus in Otaniemi, serves as one platform for this sharing in the JAVIST project.

Kuva: Maarit Alatalo

To enhance sharing and foster a sense of community at A Grid, a community book named the “Book of A Gridians” was created for its users. The book reminds a friendship book, allowing startups and entrepreneurs to leave remarks and connect with their peers. The concept of the book was collaboratively developed by ACRE (Aalto Campus and Real Estate) and Aalto University. It will be made available at A Grid later this year.

To collect pages for the community book, two workshops were held on March 12th and 13th, 2024, for A Grid users to create their own pages. Co-developing the community book served not only the businesses but also offered a fun way to connect with others. Additionally, the workshops took place in shared innovation spaces at A Grid, providing an opportunity to gather user experiences of these spaces and their shared aspects through a questionnaire distributed among participants. This phase of the project will continue into autumn 2024.

The article is written by Vera Luostarinen and Tuuli Jylhä from Aalto University.