Strategic foresight offers startups insights on future prospects

HEVinnovations organized a workshop series on strategic foresight at Helsinki Education Hub, Health Incubator Helsinki and Urban Tech Helsinki. Altogether three workshops were facilitated by a strategic design consultancy Nordkapp. The three incubators were selected to the series due to their link to HEVinnovations’ development themes Smart & Sustainable Urban Solutions, Wellbeing & Health Tech and Edtech & New Learning environments.

In the workshops, startups got valuable insights and practical tools to future-proof their strategy and to succeed in the competitive business landscape. Each workshop contained a deep dive into the trends and signals that were selected specifically for the hub. The workshops included exercises with tailor-made card decks and canvases as well as discussions to make participants reflect on how particular trends and signals would be affecting one’s business. These inputs would then assist the startups to direct or revise their business plan according to what could be lying ahead in the foreseeable future.

One important aspect was also to give participants the chance to interact and network with one another, and that way also increase the exchange of ideas.

It was a great pleasure for the HEVinnovations team to cooperate with the three incubators and that way support the regional innocation ecosystems and capabilities. Foresight capabilities is something that HEVinnovations has been exploring during 2023, and as the future remains unreliable it is vital for the business and innovators to grasp and manage the context they are operating in, and that way increase their operating resilience.

Based on the feedback received from all workshops, the participants felt that the workshop increased their understanding in strategic foresight significantly and that the acquired skills would definitely support them in their business development.

HEVinnovations’ goal is to support the development of the capital region into the best innovation environment in the world. We constantly cooperate with hubs and other urban developers to develop a more sustainable capital region. Workshops are a great way to connect actors and create solutions together.