Supporting the Finnish Capital Region Innovation Ecosystem

Key themes

HEVi is a platform for innovations that change the world. Together, we can build a foundation for new growth and co-creation.

The project portfolio will be established around four key themes during 2021–2027.

Smart and sustainable urban solutions

Wellbeing and Health technology

Learning environments and Edtech solutions

Ecosystem development and new ventures

EDF 24 March 2023

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HEVi = Helsinki+Espoo+Vantaa Innovations

HEVi is the result of a government programme to promote the strategic allocation of public and private RDI funding and strengthen globally competitive ecosystems in Finland. The three cities: Helsinki, Espoo and Vantaa, will create a large project portfolio for urban development and innovation activities in 2021–2027. Project funding calls will be opened on themes where development needs and capabilities have been identified. 

The aim is to strengthen the Capital Region’s

  • Network of development and experimental environments and platforms
  • Innovation and competence centres
  • Services for business development
  • Innovative procurements

To improve the overall portfolio quality, the HEVi team helps the consortiums find new partners, and increase regional impact and continuity before the applications are submitted.

With each round, the projects are given support in e.g. communications, impact assessment and training, while the local ecosystems are offered possibilities for increased networking and capacity building.

Framework and Funding
The ecosystem agreements will be implemented as part of the EU’s regional and structural policy programme: Innovation and Skills in Finland 2021−2027. The primary financial source of the agreements is ERDF funding for sustainable urban development (SUD). The authority that acts as a financial intermediary is Helsinki-Uusimaa Regional Council.

The objective of the agreements is to build innovation ecosystems, to intensify cooperation within networks, to strengthen key competences and to increase effectiveness of RDI activities. The ecosystem agreements have been prepared under the leadership of the Ministry of Economic Affairs and Employment together with the urban areas. 

HEVi is part of the InnoCities network. We are creating the world’s most effective environment for experiments and innovations by 2030! InnoCities strengthens their expertise and cooperation networks through the themes of green transition, digital technology and wellbeing.


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