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Here you will get a glimpse of what the HEVi team is up to in between the funding rounds. We’ll write in both Finnish and English.

We will regularly share with you our thoughts and impressions on innovative environments, key competencies as well as on RDI activities, both national and international. We invest in active cooperation with our stakeholders and are eager to expand our networks and activities alike.

Beside the HEVi team updates, you will also get to read enriching content from key experts in the field of innovation ecosystems.

Mies puhuu My Data -konferenssissa

BLOGi 4/2023: Data revolution and sustainable smart cities

Within the contemporary context of Industry 4.0, known as the fourth industrial revolution, the rapid development of digital technologies and the use of information in productive processes have led both to structural changes in the economy (production, distribution, and services), and to the generation of new trends in cities. The data revolution is involving not only a more data-driven decision-making in policy-making, but also the increasing presence of digital platforms and the ecosystems around them.

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BLOGi 2/23 – HEVi-bändi etsii basisteja

Tuore blogimme kaipasi taustoittavaa tekstiä. Tylsien rahoitusritirimpsujen sijaan päätin keskittyä näissä lyriikoissa siihen, mikä HEVi:ssä saa juuri oman sydämeni sykkimään – lisäksi loppuun laitan faktat, eli kerron siitä, millaisesta instrumentista on kyse ja kuinka työhön pääsee mukaan.

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